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Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 05:15 am
I would have posted earlier, but it's been a busy few days flying home and spending the holidays with family :) For the first time, my aunt, uncles, and cousin visited, so we had a big dinner with plenty of American food (ham, mashed potatoes, etc) as well as my favorite Chinese food (dumplings!!). My sister brought a bottle of expensive bai jiu (a very strong liquor), which I only managed a few sips of... my alcohol tolerance isn't what it used to be, heh. Gifts were lovely, of course. I received a soft wool sweater, yummy chocolate, gorgeous diamond-studded gold necklace and earrings, and a cute stuffed bunny with a mustache. Then, we played mahjong late into the night. I won quite a few rounds to my uncle's consternation ^_^ with my lucky hand.

The day after Christmas, we went out for a day of shopping, which wasn't very fruitful TBH. The best purchase we made was huge bags of incredibly discounted Lindt chocolate truffles. (Kudos to my cousin for noting the sale, I seriously thought it was a price mistake.) So I'm sitting here now, unashamedly stuffing my face, because damn it, I deserve truffles after this exhausting school year.

We'll be heading out to watch A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder this evening. Before then, I'll try to sneak in some studying and work on my research paper...

Oh! I almost forgot! Yuletide was amazing this year!! I received a novel-length Paris Police Prefecture fic with lots of hot sex, beautiful men, and political intrigue :D Really, I feel utterly spoiled, given that I only managed a ~2,700 word fic between the end of finals and the deadline. Will post both fics here once authors are revealed.

Till then, I hope everyone else is having a Merry Christmas!


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