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Allow me to introduce you to a new fandom of mine - Callan, a British TV series from 1967-72 starring Edward Woodward (The Equalizer, The Wicker Man) in the title role. Callan is a Cold War spy drama in the tradition of Len Deighton's The Ipcress File and John le Carré's The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. Its world is dark and bleak, its characters morally ambiguous, and its stories often end on a downbeat turn. (The first episode of the series is called "The Good Ones Are All Dead"). James Bond this is not; in fact, Callan was conceived as the antithesis to Bond-style escapism. It depicts the seedy side of espionage with its criminal associates and cynical bureaucracy, beneath which agents toil like pawns on a chessboard, as likely to be killed by friend as foe.

So why do I recommend this series? Well, if you're like me, you're partial to darkness and angst ;) But even if that's not your usual cup of tea, I suggest you check out Callan on the strength of its acting alone. Woodward does a masterful job of portraying the morally conflicted assassin, David Callan, both frightening in his anger and heartbreakingly vulnerable in his grief. He is joined by Anthony Valentine (Colditz, Raffles) with whom he shares crackling on-screen chemistry, and Russell Hunter (The Gaffer), a skilled character actor who practically inhabits his role. This top-notch talent is supported by a top-notch script. The plots are complex and clever, featuring lies, subterfuge, and misdirection - all the classic spy storylines - that demand close attention from the audience. Sharp dialogue takes the place of action in most parts, shining the spotlight on character interaction. Many scenes read as if they'd come from a superb stage play.

Finally, for the slash fans, there's a ton of wonderful subtext surrounding the two handsome leads, Callan and Meres, as well as several canonically gay/bisexual side characters.

In conclusion, you'll enjoy Callan if
  • You relish historically-based spy dramas with complex plots.

  • You like morally ambiguous and conflicted main characters.

  • You are a sucker for tragedy, angst, and every deathfic trope.

  • You appreciate good-looking men in three-piece suits.

On the other hand, this series may not be for you if
  • You prefer slick "James Bond" action, adventure, and romance.

  • You need a protagonist that you can always root for.

  • You want modern cinematography and video quality.

  • You are bothered by some degree of sexism and wish to see a diverse cast.

In the following sections, I provide a detailed description of the setting and characters. Interested readers may watch the entire show on my Youtube playlist, or just check out the recommended episodes below. (Due to the age of the series, some episodes from seasons 1-2 are missing from the BBC archives. I have posted all that are commercially available).

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I made a few gifsets for Raffles and Callan that I posted on tumblr awhile ago, and I figured I'd share them here too. The Raffles gifset is from one of my favorite scenes - the ending of Mr. Justice Raffles. In that episode, we're introduced to Lady Camilla Belsize, a strong-willed suffragist and most capable adventurer, whose fiance goes to Raffles for help regarding a villain named Brigstock. At first, Raffles flirts with Camilla but doesn't take her seriously, refusing to tell her what's going on with her fiance... so Camilla tails him to Brigstock's flat (not an easy feat!) and saves his life as well as Bunny's twice in the same night. Raffles is left awestruck and utterly smitten.

This is the final scene between them. )

Raffles finally sees Camilla as an equal, neither condescending to her nor putting her on a pedestal, and I think that's just beautiful. I never thought I'd find such a healthy depiction of love in a TV show from the 70's. The line "What a colleague you'd make, what a partner" is what made me fall for the series. Plus, it hits my kink for the male damsel in distress, gazing adoringly at his female knight/rescuer! If only more modern shows were like this *sigh*

Next up, I've giffed a shippy Callan/Meres scene from the very first episode of the series. It's so funny because Meres is always praising Callan's skills and poking his nose into Callan's business, such that even a foreign agent who's just met Meres can see he's got a massive crush on Callan.

Of course, when confronted, Meres vehemently denies it. )

This isn't the last time a near stranger observes that Meres "likes" Callan. In the season 2 opener, the new Hunter makes an identical comment, and Meres repeats that he detests Callan... then proceeds to do everything in his power to ensure Callan returns to the Section as his partner. The gentleman doth protest too much?

Finally, because I love me some angst, I've put together a gifset for an AU in which Meres is forced to hunt down and kill Callan. I hope it will inspire a few of you ;)

Beware spoilers for season 2! )

The dialogue snippet is mine, of course. But in my head, I can hear Meres's voice tremble as he forces the lie from his lips: "I detested him."
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Today during lunch, my colleagues started talking about the Lena photo. This is a photo of a young woman in a sun hat, which is widely used as a test image for evaluating image processing algorithms. If you've ever taken a class on digital signal processing, you'll have seen this picture. I've used it in many of my research examples and never thought twice about it. That is until now.

Because today, I learned that the Lena photo is in fact cropped from a Playboy nude centerfold of 1972.

...I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Engineering was (and still is to a large extent) dominated by misogynist, porn-watching men, and what stock photo do such men prefer? Obviously, a fuckable woman. I bet the boys snickered as Lena made the rounds, becoming one of the most popular test images in the industry. No doubt they thought it was hilarious when people put her in serious scientific presentations, as they knew the full photo shows her butt naked. My colleagues certainly got a chuckle out of this juicy piece of gossip. I, as the only woman in the room, stood up and left.

The thing is, this isn't an isolated incident. This is the background radiation of my life. There's no escaping the sexual objectification of women because it's everywhere. Just now, I was enjoying an episode of Callan when, out of nowhere, I'm slapped in the face with a wall of photos depicting scantily clad women - the scenery in Lonely's flat. It's so jarring because I didn't expect it, and everyone acts like it's no big deal. Well, it's a big deal to me because it really soured me to the character. The writers go to great lengths to make Lonely sympathetic. They give him relationships, friends, fears, show him brave at times and loyal at others. We as the audience are supposed to identify with him.

But the woman in the photo? Nothing. She doesn't even get a name.

We must speak up for the women in the photographs.
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Seasons 1-4 + Pilot
Language: English
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: ITV1 (UK)
Cast: Edward Woodward (David Callan), Russell Hunter (Lonely), Lisa Langdon (Elizabeth March), Anthony Valentine (Toby Meres), William Squire (Hunter), Patrick Mower (James Cross), Geoffrey Chater (Mr. Bishop), Clifford Rose (Dr. Snell)
Links: (IMDB) (TVDB) (Wiki)
Synopsis: David Callan is only good at two things - killing people and collecting model soldiers. He works for a secret intelligence agency called the Section, which specializes in disposing of people through blackmail, frame-ups, and very often death. Callan becomes a liability to his superiors because he cares too much, but while the Section tries to get rid of him, it also needs his expertise and ruthlessness in the field.
Download: mega [dot] nz [slash] #F!neJh3KRI
Decryption key: EtoshJkVlXvbQg4qNzZydg
Encoding Info: MediaInfo
Note: I ripped and encoded all the episodes released on commercial DVD. Seasons 1-2 come from Callan: The Monochrome Years, except for the pilot and S01E01, which are the new transfers in Callan: This Man Alone. Seasons 3-4 come from the North American releases, Callan: Set 1 and Callan: Set 2, respectively. Edward Woodward's commentary in S04E05 and S04E11 are included as separate audio tracks. The rest of the episodes unfortunately have been lost to time, i.e., they do not exist in the BBC archives. However, the scripts are provided on the documentary DVD, and I have uploaded them here along with other goodies. (Fans should check out the Red File pdf for Callan's backstory).

Edit: Ugh, so apparently, my North American DVDs have some glitches in them. Not sure if it's a problem with my disc or the original transfer. To be safe, I've ordered Callan: The Color Years and will re-rip seasons 3-4. Hold off on downloading them for now.
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Friends! A couple of Sherlock fans are getting together tonight for a watchalong of My Dearly Beloved Detective, an old Russian TV movie starring female (Shirley) Holmes and (Jane) Watson! I know nothing about it except there'll be mysteries, musical numbers, and dapper crossdressing ladies in top hat and tailcoat.


[personal profile] tremendousdetectivetheory will be hosting the stream on, so PM her for an invite (and mention you found out about the watchalong through my blog).
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Thanks to Raffles, I discovered the beauty of Anthony Valentine and fell down the rabbit hole of old British TV shows. One such show I've been watching is Callan, a gritty Cold War spy drama from the 60's, starring Edward Woodward as the eponymous character, David Callan, and Anthony as Toby Meres, a baby-faced agent with a sadistic streak and an eye for pretty boy trainees.

Sexy Guns under the Cut! )
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I'm home for the holidays, stuffing my face with food and playing mahjong with the family. Took advantage of storewide Christmas sales to pick up some new outfits too, including a handsome velvet plum blazer with silver buttons that reminds me of Raffles' smoking jacket ;) Needless to say, I wore it in today's photos. As for presents: I got a much-needed leather jewelry case (need to look sharp for conferences!) and several handbags from my aunts - they get me handbags for every special occasion, such that I have a stack of them now in my closet, but I'm too polite to suggest a different gift >_>.

I also watched Moana with my mother and cousin. It's a pretty good Disney movie, which puts women center stage - the main character, her mentor (grandmother), and the island spirit are all women - something that I appreciate in our increasingly sexist media landscape. However, I didn't find the music to be that catchy, and the story has a similar feel to Pocahontas, so it goes in the "nice idea, but meh execution" category next to Frozen. My mother said at the end that these women's empowerment narratives are getting more popular, and they've encouraged women like my cousin and I to be strong leaders, but... *drumroll*... what about the men?!? To which I reply, let them learn to follow and submit support :P.

I have more to say about an old and very slashy TV series called Callan that I've recently discovered, but the food coma is hitting me hard, so I'll save the write-up for a later date.
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Hey, everyone! I know I haven't posted on DW in well over a year, but with the current state of Tumblr, it looks like I'll be returning here at least until fandom congregates on a new site. For those who don't know, in response to reports of CP and pornbot spam, the Tumblr staff instituted a site-wide ban on anything deemed "adult material"... except their filters suck, so in reality, a lot of SFW posts have been flagged and blocked. Moreover, they've also marked many blogs "explicit", effectively shadowbanning them (they don't show up in searches and the icon/banner are removed). Guess whose blog got shadowbanned? Yup, yours truly - despite the fact there was almost no NSFW material on it, and the stuff that was there was reblogged fanart, which I have always tagged #nsfw. I can't even access my own blog tags now to delete the "adult material". It really fucking sucks.

Anyway, if you followed me here from Tumblr, welcome! Feel free to drop a comment. I'm a longtime fangirl - a bit of a fandom nomad, actually - and devoted slash shipper as well as Femdom kinkster. I've been around since the days of IRC anime trading, lived through the rise and fall of Livejournal, so I don't intend to let this Tumblr drama deter me from participating in the fan community. You'll find a mix of personal posts and fandom gushing on here, as well as occasional treats for followers ;) like audio/video rips or artbook scans. Occasionally, I write fic that I post on [ profile] Firestorm717 and create icons/headers/wallpapers. I'm always up for a good meta discussion or general squeeing over a particular character/actor.

So pull up a chair and settle in!
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Season 1, Pilot + Episodes 1-13
Language: English
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: ITV1 (UK)
Cast: Anthony Valentine (A.J. Raffles), Christopher Strauli (Bunny Manders), Victor Carin/James Maxwell (Inspector Mackenzie)
Links: (IMDB) (TVDB) (Wiki)
Synopsis: Most people know A.J. Raffles only as a gentleman of leisure and top-rated cricketer, but he is also “The Amateur Cracksman”, an expert jewel thief. Alternately aided and hindered by his old friend, Bunny Manders, Raffles cuts a dashing swath across Edwardian England, helping himself to the baubles of the rich and opulent.
Download: mega [dot] nz [slash] #F!rfIGmKLb
Decryption key: v1tmQwjTRXU3RL1OGHgFtA
Encoding Info: MediaInfo
Note: I ripped and encoded these personally from my copy of the Raffles: Complete Collection R1 DVDs (2010). Please only share via links to my Dreamwidth. As a fan, I also purchased the R2 DVDs solely for the subtitles, but haven’t had time to edit and sync them yet. I will add them to this post once that process is complete.
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Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the Fields Medal, has passed away from breast cancer. She was only 40 years old. The cancer recurred and spread to her bone marrow; though she was rushed to the hospital, the doctors could do little before she died.

I'm absolutely heartbroken by the news.

Maryam was a brilliant mathematician and teacher, truly a genius in her field - a field that's historically been dominated by men, many of whom didn't believe women had the capacity for genius. Her contributions to complex geometry and dynamical systems are just incredible and far beyond what I can understand. More than that, she's a woman from a Iran, a very patriarchal, misogynistic culture, who broke down so many barriers of sexism and racism to get to where she is today. Many of us women in STEM looked up to her. If Maryam can win the Fields Medal, it proves women are just as capable of brilliant breakthroughs in the "hard" sciences as men. We were excited to see what else she'd accomplish in her lifetime.

...Then cancer took her from us suddenly.

The world is not fair. Good people die so young. It's like they're a flame sent to Earth for a brief time, then reclaimed by the Fates because they're too bright, too intense, too pure of spirit and mind to exist among the evil dictators and murderers who pollute human society.

I hope Maryam is in a better place now.
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Thank you everyone for your emotional support and well wishes through this ordeal :) I gave a great presentation, had a productive Q&A that prompted some new research questions, and at the end, the chair congratulated me on my performance! Needless to say, I got the official e-mail telling me I'd passed within the day.

I finished my last final exam (ugh) today, and I've just been packing for my spring vacation with [ profile] chabouillet. So excited! We're going to Austria to stalk watch our favorite German musical star, Uwe Kroger, in a couple of musicals and concerts. I bought him a little gift of chocolates and perfume - hope I can catch him at the stage door to give it to him!

Anyway, it's the middle of the night, I gotta get some sleep before my flight.

All's well that ends well! Though I swear, this quarter nearly killed me. Definitely taking it easy in the spring.
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Title: Said the Spider to the Fly
Author: [ profile] Verabird
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual situations
Fandom: Political RPF - France 19th century (aka, Paris Police Prefecture soap opera)
Pairing: Chabouillet/Gisquet, Casimir/Gisquet, Gisquet/Jules-Ernest, ...okay look, everyone’s pretty much fucking everyone.

I was so spoiled this Yuletide! I received a novel-length P^3 fic by [ profile] Verabird who knows all my kinks and introduced me to a few I didn’t even realize I had XD. Lots of hot men, porn, and political intrigue featuring the Cabinet particulier and Paris’s Next Top Dom(s) with a few new OCs thrown in as well ;) You’ll have to read to find out who.

Read More
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Title: Memory Exercises
Rating: PG for heavy flirtation
Fandom: Political RPF - France 19th century
Pairing: Casimir Perier/Henri Gisquet
Summary: Gisquet strives to impress Casimir with his talented memory, among other skills he brings to Périer Bank.
Note: My Yuletide 2016 gift for [ profile] Kainosite: a historically-inspired meet-cute between Casimir and Gisquet. Many thanks to [personal profile] iberiandoctor for the beta and [ profile] Verabird for the information on the all-male singing society.

Read More
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I would have posted earlier, but it's been a busy few days flying home and spending the holidays with family :) For the first time, my aunt, uncles, and cousin visited, so we had a big dinner with plenty of American food (ham, mashed potatoes, etc) as well as my favorite Chinese food (dumplings!!). My sister brought a bottle of expensive bai jiu (a very strong liquor), which I only managed a few sips of... my alcohol tolerance isn't what it used to be, heh. Gifts were lovely, of course. I received a soft wool sweater, yummy chocolate, gorgeous diamond-studded gold necklace and earrings, and a cute stuffed bunny with a mustache. Then, we played mahjong late into the night. I won quite a few rounds to my uncle's consternation ^_^ with my lucky hand.

The day after Christmas, we went out for a day of shopping, which wasn't very fruitful TBH. The best purchase we made was huge bags of incredibly discounted Lindt chocolate truffles. (Kudos to my cousin for noting the sale, I seriously thought it was a price mistake.) So I'm sitting here now, unashamedly stuffing my face, because damn it, I deserve truffles after this exhausting school year.

We'll be heading out to watch A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder this evening. Before then, I'll try to sneak in some studying and work on my research paper...

Oh! I almost forgot! Yuletide was amazing this year!! I received a novel-length Paris Police Prefecture fic with lots of hot sex, beautiful men, and political intrigue :D Really, I feel utterly spoiled, given that I only managed a ~2,700 word fic between the end of finals and the deadline. Will post both fics here once authors are revealed.

Till then, I hope everyone else is having a Merry Christmas!
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Title: The Last Temptation
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual situations
Fandom: Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)
Pairing: Chabouillet/Javert
Summary: Javert survives his leap into the Seine and is brought before his patron, M. Chabouillet, to answer for his actions. Learning of his protégé’s derailment, M. Chabouillet endeavors to reel Javert back to the side of the law... by any means necessary.
Author’s Note: For Verabird's [community profile] lesjoursdete 2016 prompt. A huge thanks to my wonderful beta, [personal profile] iberiandoctor, who brainstormed with me, patiently edited my drafts, and cheered me on throughout this process. I couldn’t have finished this without you :) Also, many thanks to groucha for his immense research into esoteric bits of French history. All the little details, from street addresses to the latest in cravat fashion, are accurately portrayed due to his help.

Story on AO3
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“I’ll be father and mother to you.”

That's my favorite line from the Les Miserables (2012) movie. Valjean has just saved little Cosette from a lifetime of abuse by the Thenardiers. As they walk away from the wretched couple, he gives her a beautiful doll - the first she's held - and Cosette asks him with a sweetly innocent smile whether he'll be like a papa to her. That's when Valjean sings the above line.

Notice how Hugh Jackman emphasizes "mother." I have no doubt this is a deliberate choice. Cosette asks Valjean to be a father to her, and Valjean replies he'll do one better: he'll be a mother as well. It's a major shift in his character, and one of the key themes in Victor Hugo's classic. Up till this point, Valjean's main identity was a mayor and factory boss in Montreuil-sur-mer. He was a compassionate one to be sure, but ultimately a man who sat at the top of a privileged hierarchy, disconnected from the lives of his subordinates. This mirrors the role of fathers in his society.

Back in those days (and many places today), a good father’s duty was simply to be a financial provider and protector of his family. He made money, he dealt with threats, and in return, his wife and children were to show him obedience whether or not he actually enriched their lives. There was no expectation of nurturing, sensitivity, emotional support, heart-to-heart communication, or engagement in the daily work of raising a healthy, happy child. Fathers were supposed to be invulnerable, and they maintained this facade by keeping their distance. For Valjean to be a father in this cultural context is similar to his role as the capitalist boss: he’s a benevolent patriarch in a position of power who provides materially for his children/workers, but doesn’t care about them personally.

Now, for Valjean to be a mother is a different story. Hugo depicts the archetypal mother, Fantine, as a heroic figure, her unconditional love for Cosette a sublime and noble quality, which stands out against the cold indifference of society. She sacrifices everything for her child and is rewarded in the end with God’s grace. This motherly love is held up as an ideal. To be clear, by "motherly" I don’t mean a female and the child she birthed (Mme. Thenardier is a poor role model despite being a biological parent), but the genuine holistic love displayed by both men and women in the brick. It's a love that is strikingly vulnerable: Bishop Myriel risked being robbed or worse by sheltering Valjean, Enjolras lost his life in a failed revolution to improve the lot of his fellow man. Neither asked anything in return. Valjean promising to be a mother to Cosette is a promise to strive for this kind of love, the kind that is tender, compassionate, and most of all, human in a way that is unexpected - and indeed unusual - for men even today.
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After extensive Google-fu, I've compiled as much information as I can find on the French police bureaucracy during Les Miserablès and specifically, Javert's mysterious patron, M. Chabouillet. If anyone cares to add to this post, please do; I can't read a word of French, and aside from the almanacs, I haven't dug into any original documents from that time period. Most of my conclusions regarding the police hierarchy are from papers written in the mid-to-late 1800s, which saw great changes in the Paris bureaucracy.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chabouillet )

Miscellaneous Interesting Information )

Contributions From Anonymous )

References and Further Reading )
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So I was reading stonecarapace's excellent Breaking Through fic, which features female Valjean and Javert meeting in Montreuil-sur-mer, and it got me thinking: how would their character arcs differ if they were born women? Valjean would retain her immense (almost supernatural) strength as in the brick, which would give her some advantages in her sexist society, but she would be sent to a women's prison, not a bagne for breaking the law. And would Javert even be able to join the police force? It's doubtful historically, but if we're going to suspend disbelief for this thought experiment, I can see her going from a guard in a women's prison to an officer under the patronage of M. Chabouillet. She would likely be sent on undercover missions in which a policeman would be too conspicuous, such as spying in a nunnery, an all-girl's school, or restricted parts of a brothel. So there'd be a reason for a man like M. Chabouillet to keep her around on the force.

Anyway, I think I can tell a very interesting feminist story with genderswapped Valjean and Javert. It would contrast Valjean's feminist values of nurturing and compassion with Javert's patriarchal values as the father's daughter, supporting the patriarchy against other women.

Specific Scene Ideas )

I'm unsure what other major scenes matter after this. I can see Gorbeau House being interesting with the rape threat to Valjean, and also with Javert taking down a dangerous gang, something her colleagues doubted she could do as a woman.

The big change would come at the barricades. What would be clever thematically is to have it mirror the Punish me M. le maire scene, except with Javert crossdressed as a man and Valjean as herself. This shows how Javert, who starts out womanly, eventually must hide herself completely beneath the identity of a man, symbolizing her allegiance to the patriarchy, while Valjean goes in the opposite direction: from taking on male privilege as M. Madeleine to becoming a motherly, nurturing figure to Cosette. But I'm not sure how to make this work in the context of the barricades, since the brick has women standing by Les Amis, while the musical has Eponine crossdressing as a man to sneak in. Which is it?

I'm also stuck on Javert's revelation: I originally conceived this as male Valjean showing her that no, criminals aren't all rapists, just like male authority figures can't all be trusted (implying that M. Chabouillet sexually exploited Javert). But I'm not sure what to do here with a female Valjean. In that case, it's an identity crisis, where Javert must realize she's been in the wrong all along by aligning with patriarchal figures, while Valjean lived authentically. Perhaps Javert expects Valjean to kill her because that's the cowardly thing to do? And Javert has always looked down on "those other women" as weak and cowardly? However, Valjean lets her go free, and in so doing, shows her that the feminist value of forgiveness is a source of strength. I still don't know how this would lead to her derailment though.
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After years away, I've finally decided to revive this journal, since I got sucked into the Les Miserables fandom and can't stop writing Javert fic. I already posted two ficlets to [community profile] pbam, and I've got a long case fic in progress, along with a huge pile of outlines/prompts/plot bunnies. It really has become an obsession. I miss this part of my life. My day job in tech doesn't exactly surround me with creative types, so I'm starved for contact with writers and in-depth analysis. Feel free to drop me a line in my inbox if you wanna chat.

Most of fandom seems to have moved to tumblr, alas, which doesn't have the nice comment system here. Nevertheless, I keep two accounts over there: [ profile] extremistonystark for fannish postings, and [ profile] firestorm717 for my writing. (Yes, I realize it would make more sense to set the latter as my fandom account, but it's a little too late). The staff recently re-enabled replies, and there's a live chat window as well, so it's possible to have a dialogue on there, though I find it rare.

More Personal Stuff )
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